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About Me Hello I'm Zak Sheppard, but if your reading this you probably already know that part about me and your wanting to know other stuff, the things that make me important, the stuff that makes me stand out enough to grab your attention and show just how much of a social influencer I am. So how about I give you a run down of who I am, the FYI on me, look at as your very own crash course in all things me, it's like getting a degree in all things Zak Sheppard, so here it is. I was born in Wichita, KS and lived in a small town in Central Kansas for most of my life, until 2006 when I was relocated to Indiana a town called Brownsburg after my mother chose to get married. Soon after I'd move again to the capital, the largest city in the state of Indiana, Indianapolis. In 2009 my move to Indianapolis would change everything for me and start putting the early pieces together for me to choose a career involving social media and sharing my life with people on the Internet. In 2011, I'd move back to Kansas temporarily before moving to Iowa in 2014 after my mother remarried. It would be in a town called Seymour, named after a person who was from Seymour, Indiana, all things lead back to Indiana, though the people living in the town wouldn't believe it. On March 6, 2017 I experienced my first Natural Disaster a Tornado that would rip through and cause damage that I'd only ever seen on TV. But throughout everything I had social media to turn to, to share my thoughts and clear my mind, planning new creative videos for my YouTube channel would be the best outlet in my life and hopefully lead to a successful career on Internet, doing things that I love, making videos that entertain, not those kind, the good kind of videos, that hopefully will make me be a name known by more than the people I've upset of the 19 years of my life, I really got to watch what I say, oh that's a good story time video idea, noted.
Zak Sheppard Born Zachary Matthew Sheppard January 18, 1998 (age 19) Wichita, KS U.S. Occupation Vlogger, YouTuber, Actor Residence Iowa (Until August 2017) Indianapolis, IN (August 2017) Nationality American YouTube Information Channel Zak Sheppard Active November 2016 - Present

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